Race officer since January 1989

All festivals have a common character:Menorca’s horse. The breed is of Berber origin menorquina officially recognized since January 1989, is characterized by its black color, slim, long legs, round eyes, look lively, noble character, energetic and looking strong and sleek style.

From sleek and majestic silhouette, are black cloak. Sometimes have white spots on face and extremities, small size. It is a noble, warm-blooded horse, rough and tough.


Menorquines horses, besides the traditional dance to at parties menorquinas fuss, walking on their hind legs and running the famous “bot”, are very suitable and effective in dressage, dressage high school, and beam shows.

The most characteristic movements that stand out are:

-The trot and collected.

-Spinning the horse with the later, ie a reverse somersault, so defend the horse’s mouth from the hustle of the people during the festival.

-The ‘Bot’, or raising the anterior third shifting the weight on the post, keeping the position of the head and neck and hand contact with the rider.

-The ‘bot’ to walk, walk on their hind legs.

-The passage.