Guaranteed fun for everyone

Menorca is a good island for the whole family. During the summer, as well as beaches, playgrounds and restaurants, the island has an extensive program of excursions and activities to be performed.

For most sailors, there are some boats that sail from the port of Mahon and Ciutadella, conducting a tour of the Menorca coast. During the tour are stops at pristine beaches where tourists, plus a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters, sipping a delicious paella at lunchtime.

Water parks, zoos centers, yachts,…

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy with his family from a different experience, be sure to visit the various water parks in the island. The smallest will be grateful. Art attractions and a wealth of entertainment, plus a restaurant and every convenience you may need.

Excellent choices are also given a ride by green forests, visit the petting zoo center and native breeds, witnessing the best horse shows, visit the most emblematic strengths of Menorca, and even rent a boat to tour the island from the sea.

Finally, to give closure to an idyllic holiday setting we recommend visiting a health and leisure (SPA or spas) in which to enjoy numerous thermal circuits, whirlpool, sauna, medicinal waters and aromatherapy techniques.