Camí de Cavalls on today

Any route however long begins with one step. Then come the ups and the downs and the twists and turns, because in life although it seems no easy road. And just sometimes, a clear goal.

In Menorca there is a path that leads to the same starting point, the Camí de Cavalls. The horse until a few decades ago was the only vehicle that could happen on the roads, therefore, adapted to them. The best way to make Camí de Cavalls is mounted in the quadruped.
Camí de Cavalls to scroll through the entire perimeter of Menorca. They are about 200km of road, which is not common. Even less on a small island like this.

A heritage that we love

Menorcans have fought for years to retrieve this path that had fallen into disuse. Are currently carrying out cleaning duties, tendering, placement of barriers so that it can move freely along the road that has already been expropriated, paid for and that is in the final stage.

The claim of the Coordinator of Camí de Cavallswas clear. Requesting the right of way along this road that crosses private estates and a path which, of course, is not always defined at all. Many of the landowners prevented the circulation even putting a wall on the path. The debate came to court, but the government decided to finalize Menorquín expropriating the use of this road. Now the pace is free, more or less.

Aventura, deliberation and obstacles is what others are curious Menorcans and venturing down this path yet to signal exactly.

Camí de Cavalls The route is very important for Menorcans, which has great ecological value, environmental, scientific interest, landscape, and, above all, traditional route Menorca.

In Menorca on stones. The wall or “dry paret” lays out the entire island. Delimits brand properties and roads and, of course, in some sections accompanying the Camí de Cavalls. On the island they took off the stones for planting and the piled-shaped wall. This realized that protected the vegetation of the wind and thus started to mark off the island.
From the Consell Insular de Menorca, trying to break barriers. They still on the course are walls that should not persist.

The idea is to bring back the hike in one way. Some sections are a real jungle and against it will have to fight. There will be relocating to milestones. Is also part of another project after agreeing how it will maintain this road in good condition. Milestones such as those already placed must not be just an anecdote. The towers of the island is one of their assets. The Cavalls Cami joins. The control of the coast is the reason for their existence. There are two types of towers which were used as lookout and those with function repel any invasion.
It is said that the road used to go through the west side of the last wall that limited the pastures on the coast.

The olive tree is the wood used to make the barriers that characterize the rural Menorca. Many are the paths that are defined by them and whose primary function is to separate one field from another and prevent the cattle are lost. There is the Camí de Cavalls remain as witness to the history of those who go chasing the impossible paths to or from locations close to paradise.