A fun and creative option for travel

There are many advantages of cycling in Menorca. Besides being an economic means oftransport, environmentally friendly and healthy, it’s fun, easy and offers the opportunity to tour the island, in close contact with nature, whether in groups or pairs.

Probably, we can say that the bicycle has become the mode of urban transport par excellence.Lots of countries have this simple means and therefore have their infrastructure enabled their use. Although an unknown number of bicycles that exist in the world, is estimated to produce about twice as bicycles than cars.

Trails, Road or City

Obviously, cycling trails and urban areas of populations is much more relaxing to travel by road.However, the roads offer a view from the road that hardly appreciate, are much more relaxed as far as cars are concerned, and usually is much easier to find a private place in which to camp.

Menorca has excellent cycling routes. Overwhelmingly, they are inter-urban routes, since urban areas are currently in the process of construction.

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